Grand Prairie Foods

  • Spotlight on Grand Prairie Foods in Sioux Falls, SD

    Kurt Loudenback describes it as “one of those moments of fate”. He was in his yard more than a decade ago and stopped his neighbor, who works in the hospitality industy. “I said ‘Hey, send me the email addresses for Marriott and Hilton. I think I have products they would be interested in,'” said Loudenback, a former Fortune 500 executive who had bought Dakota Foods in 2003 and renamed it Grand Prairie Foods.The next day, Kurt had a reply from the executive chef for Hampton Inn. The timing couldn’t have been better because the hotel chain was reviewing new products. If Loudenback could have his items to Chicago by the following day, Hampton would have a look. He sent them stuffed biscuits, “and (the chef) called back and said, ‘Congratulations, you’re in.'” Now, Loudenback and his wife, Valerie, lead a company with about 150 employees that is about to add 50 more and double the size of its main facility at 1400 N. Cleveland Avenue by the end of the year.