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Sajan’s Notable Moments in 2015 – A McGowan Capital Group Portfolio Company


Sajan recently published a synopsis of momentous events that occurred with their company this year. This was recently published on their blog. Their highlights include promoting a new Director of Translation Automation, the retirement of Chief Operating Officer Angel Zimmerman, Paul Rome stepping into the COO role, launching a Global Life Sciences Practice, partnering with Corporate United – the largest indirect purchasing organization in the U.S. and purchasing software assets from technology firm Reverbeo to strengthen the SiteSync website translation proxy solution.



Eva Gonzalez Promoted to Director of Translation Automation


Sajan has always recognized the value of machine translation for creating efficiencies within the localization workflow. We are committed to further develop and improve our machine translation strategy in 2016 to complement the wide range of technology and services we already provide. To spur this development, we promoted Eva Gonzalez to Director of Translation Automation.


Let’s hear from Eva on her new role:


“We see machine translation as a decisive component of the present and future translation business. This new strategy will be led by myself, Eva Gonzalez, as Director of Translation Automation and Julian Alonso as Translation Automation Technical Manager from our Madrid office.”



Sajan Spain Moves Into New Office


Sajan’s New Office Building in Spain


Sajan’s global presence continues to thrive in Spain. This year we opened a new office space for our team in Spain. Eva Gonzalez heads our operations in Spain and is pleased with the new office:


“In August, Sajan Spain moved to a more modern and comfortable new office with bigger space that will allow for continued growth of the team.” –Eva Gonzalez



Angel Zimmerman Retires, Paul Rome Steps into COO Role


This year we celebrated the career of Angel Zimmerman as she retired from her position as Sajan’s Chief Operating Officer of 18 years. Angel will remain on the Board of Directors for Sajan as she passes the torch to Paul Rome. Paul has 20 years of experience in technology, operations and business development, and first-hand experience in growing a global enterprise.


Paul had this to say on his new role as COO:


“I look forward to helping Sajan continue its trajectory to the very highest echelons of the language services industry. Quality, transparency, efficiency, predictability, collaboration and innovation are all hallmarks of companies at the top tiers of service delivery, and Sajan has robust programs targeting each of these key points. I want to ensure the companies we serve see Sajan as a vital resource that keeps them seamlessly expanding their own businesses with language services as a key enabler.”



Launch of Sajan’s Global Life Sciences Practice


2015 marks an important milestone for Sajan and also for those responsible for life sciences client partnerships in our company:  the beginning of the centralization of our global life sciences operations into Sajan’s Global Life Sciences Practice. A deeper segmentation of medical subject matter knowledge, a tighter qualification process for linguists, as well as a much tighter ISO-certified, auditable life sciences process are a testament to some of the changes that mark this exciting year for Sajan Life Sciences.


Clio Schils, Vice President of Global Life Sciences at Sajan also added a few new members to her team:


“To continue our growth path in 2016 and strengthen our dedicated life sciences operations team, we have hired life sciences localization savvy professionals such as Alex Zekakis leading operations and Lynn Hattery-Beyer in her role as Life Sciences Account Director. Together with Alex, Lynn and our life sciences team, we will lift our Global Life Sciences Practice to the next level.”



Partnership with Corporate United


This year we were honored to have Corporate United, the largest indirect purchasing organization in the U.S., select Sajan as its supplier partner of high-value language translation services.


Doug Blossey, President and COO of Corporate United spoke on the new partnership:


“We are excited to add Sajan to the Corporate United portfolio. Our members will be impressed by the quality, consistency and value that Sajan will bring through this agreement. The commitment they have demonstrated to our group through the sourcing process has convinced us that they are the perfect partner to help our members protect the consistency of their brands globally through their ability to apply processes and technology.”



Purchase of Software Assets from Technology Firm Reverbeo to Strengthen the SiteSync Website Translation Proxy Solution


To bolster Sajan’s website localization offering, this year we purchased technology assets from Reverbeo. Sajan’s website translation proxy SiteSync will get a boost from these new assets. Jeff Kent, Vice President of Professional Services is excited about the opportunities:


“Reverbeo’s technology fits perfectly with our translation management system Transplicity and will create even greater efficiencies for our clients.”



Here’s to 2016!


And there you have it, a recap of 2015 at Sajan. For 2016, Sajan has many expectations for continued growth. Be on the lookout for new technology and service offerings which will reinforce our current solutions. We will continue to put our clients at the center of everything we do as we look forward to the future.





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