Sajan Launches Platform with Africa for Growth

Sajan LogoSajan Launches Platform with Africa for Growth, Helping United Kingdom Businesses Expand into African Markets


As published on MarketWatch, Sajan, Inc., a leading global language services and technology provider, announced that it has become the preferred language services partner of Africa for Growth, an initiative to help small to medium-sized businesses in the United Kingdom expand their presence in Africa.


Allows Expansion Within the Europe, Middle East and African Markets


Seven of the ten fastest growing economies are in Africa, making it highly strategic for UK midcap companies to broach Sub-Saharan markets, and for African companies to expand into the UK and wider European and Middle Eastern markets. Additionally, the 47 countries in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa comprise diverse languages, governments and cultures. Sajan’s participation in the program helps UK companies more easily achieve market penetration in this complex region by providing localization services needed to reach these markets.


Grainne Maycock, Vice President of Sales at Sajan commented, “With almost two decades of experience helping companies localize their content, we are excited to partner with the Africa for Growth initiative and help provide assistance to UK growth business and large blue chip corporations looking to expand their trade relations with their African counterparts. We look forward to helping commercial partners and platform members with their global content translation needs.”




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