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About Us

Looking for the opportunity…

We want to get to know you and your team.

We know exceptional management is the key to an exceptional opportunity. Hands-on experience operating a company … as well as industry know-how are indispensable assets.

We want to see a solid business model and a track record of success.

We prefer to invest in early to mid-stage companies throughout the Midwest … within a day’s drive from Sioux Falls. We actively seek businesses with revenues up to $20,000,000 … and often take a leadership position in portfolio companies.

We are skilled at creative financing alternatives for business. This can be especially helpful for companies when growth has outpaced traditional banking channels … or when bank-lending standards don’t support current capital needs.

Bringing the creative solution…

Each partner has over 25 years experience across a variety of industries, including securities, mergers and acquisitions, banking, energy, manufacturing and private equity. They have served in senior management operating positions for major corporations … and collectively managed billions of dollars in investments, assets and transactions.

With our broad range of experience, accessibility and creative approach, we are confident in our ability to identify opportunities and build lasting results.


is to provide select investors with exceptional private equity and income opportunities and to bring creative financing solutions to business owners.