Management. Growth. Market.

Exceptional management is the key to an exceptional opportunity. We want to get to know you and your team. Hands-on experience operating a company industry know-how are indispensable assets. It is also important to see a track record of success.

We prefer to invest in regional mid-stage companies with revenues of $500,000 to $20M and a solid business model. The business model clearly defines the moneymaking formula of the business. It is important for us to see how you might acquire additional market share or exploit a significant growth opportunity.

We prefer to take an equity position in a company that already knows its customer and its market. Actual sales from actual customers are an indication of possible future growth and a sign of viability. An established distribution channel is good as is a defensible competitive advantage.


is to provide select investors with exceptional private equity and income opportunities and to bring creative financing solutions to business owners.